Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pergolas with Curved Beams

Curves are hot when it comes to Pergolas and Decks. This a great example of curved pergolas. This one is a minimalist pergola. Just the beam and open sky above. There is a square pergola beyond, but we will talk about that next post. It is an outstanding pergola on it's own.

The client had a circular patio, so we made the pergola a match for the curve. Luke Simonovski was the builder and I did the computer rendering for this curved pergola and worked with the client, (also a designer), until he was happy with the look.

Many TV builders will fake curves for outdoor, by making thousands of little cuts in the beams to enable them to bend. Fact is, when you make all those little cuts, they get weak, and the end grains soak up moisture, which means it will rot prematurely.
When it comes to curved pergola beams we use solid dry lamination methods. We know the right adhesives and use kiln dried lumber for long lasting structural laminations.

To see more photos of this curved pergola click here

If you are in need of laminated curved beams for a pergola or decks get in touch by email or phone at (888) 293-8938  We will need to know the length and radius.
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