Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Downloadable Plans !

Our downloadable pergola plans are coming on line presently. There are a few fences up, however P012 pergola plans downloadable version and T005 pergola plans downloadable version are now available. The main difference between the mail order version is that the mail out plans have a full size template inside, and the downloadable (printable), version has a grid view of rafter tails and braces that need (lofting-transferring from grid view to full size-1 grid space=1"). The curves are defined and it is fairly easy to lay those out on masonite for tracing.

You can now be planning your structure within minutes of finding the pergola you want. Rather than just copying the photo and losing it-- you can have a printed copy of the ACTUAL details on file in moments. (these plans currently come by email shortly after ordering--they will be an instant download once our webmaster catches up with us).


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pergola or Arbor ?

Is it a Pergola or an Arbor? (or even Arbour)

Here is a general guideline-- If you live in the Southern US they are all Arbors or Trellises or Patio Covers. Click Pergolas link in the title to see all kinds.
In most of the rest of the world a pergola is a room without walls.
In Australia a Pergola is a roof in the yard and normally has sheet metal applied to reflect the sun.
There are many different variations on the theme.
Generally an arbor is a gate arch or 4 post entrance frame when entering a yard.
This is a gated pergola entrance with trellis screens, (or trelliage or trelliswork) in my humble opinion.

Saturday, April 25, 2009 NEW SITE !

The main page helps you navigate through all the pergolas we have been hiding--actually, we were holding back designs to maintain an advantage over the competition.

This is likely the largest portfolio of pergola designs worldwide... so drop in and stay a while.

The new gallery shows many new pergola designs from the past 4 years not included in the previous website.

When you click the gallery items they open into a feature page and show different pergola views or versions of the pergola projects.

There is a separate section of Pergola Plans that you can find by the drop down menu for DIY Plans.

It has been a lot of work--but we think you will enjoy our new pergolas website!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Pergola Display at the Toronto Home Show!

You can see our Pergola Display at the Spring National Home Show in Toronto Canada in the "Dream Gardens".

This pergola has an internal canvas canopy that retracts and opens by remote control. . As usual, we designed the woodwork to blend with the concept by Connie Cadotte of Garden Retreats.

It is certainly one of the busiest booths in the show. The Pergola-Garden-Landscape display was located at the exit from the dream home.