Thursday, September 15, 2011

P121 Pergola Extended to 12' Wide

 This is one of our most popular pergola plans, (available at Lee Valley Tools). Our client asked for a pre-finished version 12' long at the base. We'll get a plan out by next spring for this size, but most builders should be able to scale up from the stock pergola plans.

This Pergola plan comes with a molded bench design as an option. The digging on this site was a nightmare so we enlarged the lower beam and carried the bench with the existing structure. This plan includes a 6' radius curved 4x4. 

 During assembly you need to be careful to confirm the radius before the glue sets. Glue is a deceiving term--we use waterproof epoxy for all outdoor laminations.

 This is what the curved pergola beams look like after the epoxy has cured--Before sanding.

 Here are the beams all sanded out, faired (a boatbuilding term which just means to make the curve natural and even). We notched the beams to carry the center of the upper beams in the shop. As I mentioned, every stick of lumber in this project was pre-stained with high quality finish prior to installing, (click for Stain Guide). Lumber from this project was Kiln Dried. We can sell you the plans and materials in Southern Ontario. (Call 888 293 8938 for pricing).

If you need to buy any curved beams, braces or rim joists, Get in touch with Me (Lawrence) at the same number. We do a lot of exterior laminations these days.

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