Sunday, February 3, 2013

Taunton doesn't know what a Pergola is!

I received this ad for an upcoming magazine and what are they advertising it as? They are showing off a pergola! Unfortunately, Taunton thinks an "Arbor" is a "Pergola".

What is the difference? Read my email to Taunton...
Dear Taunton,
Before you embarrass yourselves as a company... you may want to correct the ad and edit your description in the book. The construction you have in the ad...labeled as a "Pergola", is actually an "Arbor". A pergola is a room without walls--An arbor is an entrance to a garden...normally 4x4 or 5x5. Pergolas are typically the same size as a room in a house. 
I would certainly hope you didn't label that as a pergola in the book... that would be funny! 

I also dropped the actual image into the email so that they knew which ad.

WOW! How the mighty have fallen. I used to read FH, FW, but I guess I was new to woodwork. I was soaking up everything, and I guess I didn't know that much. I used to trust them--however, I just don't see them as relevent any longer.

 A few years back I sent a note to an editor criticizing an article on Trim they did--and they told me that the new trend at Taunton is hiring professional editors rather than actual tradesmen. He picked out the issue right away. There just are not any editors left at the publication that can determine which craftsman knows the best methods to actually "Build".

Here is the Ironic part... I submitted a pitch for a "Pergola Book" roughly a year ago now... Now I know! They didn't write back because they thought I was a space cadet! "The nerve of me", pitching an arbor book...and calling it a pergola!
Kind Regards,
Lawrence Winterburn
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