Friday, September 3, 2010

New Pergolas 2010

A pergola by click large pergolas and large pergolas 2 to see more shots.
It is the time of year that I get to show off some of the work our builders have done this year. Pergolas can be the framework for outdoor rooms, a dining room in this case. You can also see the hot tub in the far end beneath this rather large pergola. This shot is the view from behind the bar with granite counter tops.

We designed benches for guests not taking part in the hot tub festivities and as a separation from the dining area.

Trelliswork adds to the look. This pergola was constructed of western red cedar for the lower parts--and pressure treated materials for the beams and rafters.

Semi-transparent stain can help disguise pressure treated materials in a subtle way. Many of our structures have 2 color finishes which also minimizes upkeep.

For more views of this spectacular pergola built in the Toronto area by our local builder Brian D'Souza and Crew.

To see more shots of this project click pergolas or pergolas2
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