Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Latest Trends in Pergolas

2010 is all about Adaptability!

Retractable canopies operated by a remote control is the latest feature to visit a yard near you.

The old wall mounted awnings are awkward and many homes don't have enough wall height to do it effectively. Nobody wants to duck their head to get under their awning. Mounting those old style awnings farther into the yard is tedious at best.

We've been designing pergolas to work with a new Canopy for a couple of years now so we are getting very good at it. The product is now 10 years old and has been retailing for about 3 years now.

There is a manual version and a motorized unit and each one is manufactured to fit your space exactly. Keep it square for the easiest installation and mount the canopy on a slope to channel water away from an area.

They can be mounted beneath nearly any pergola. If you want the motorized version it is a little more money and you will need power within 10 or so feet of the motor.

The Canvas Canopy has a 5 year warranty and the mechanicals carry a 12 year warranty.

Any relatively level structure with beams in the canopy area can be adapted to the system fairly easily. Of course it is better for us to design something that fits it perfectly and takes advantage of the unique capabilities of these canopies.

With a press of the button you can have your canopy pergola partially open, entirely closed or wide open. With the waterproof Sunbrella Fabric you can even have a sheltered sitting area for rainy days--never postpone that patio party again!

Get in touch with us today at 888 293 8938 to have a system designed just for your pergola. We can now walk you through the process of retrofitting your existing pergola. (expedite the process by sending photos and dimension maps by email to )

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