Thursday, February 21, 2008

DIY Pergolas as an Entrance to a Yard

Pergolas of this type are very Traditional in North America. Similar to what would be deemed a Lath House in some parts of the world. It features a large laminated curve (that can be deleted if too difficult to achieve). Pergolas like this can be used as an entrance to a yard or portion of a yard.

This Do It Yourself Pergola Plan walks you through the process of building the P121 Pergola. Ideally suited to the entrance to a yard or a separation hedge between two parts of a property it utilizes internal benches to serve as a nifty little hideaway spot in the garden.

These Pergola Plans include Step by Step Instructions, Material list, Cut List (to tell you which piece comes from what stick of lumber), Full size Templates, Curve Templates, Two options for benches (high back and flat), as well as a stain application guide to make it nearly maintainence free. (5 years without staining if you follow the instructions).

This pergola can be stretched slightly by adding to the center of the curve, or stretching the bench areas--but do it equally and maintain the balance of the structure.

The arch is about 5' as is, and the structure is roughly 7' deep, 9' high and 9'wide.

The best part about Plans for Pergolas from is that they offer Support by Email while you build! If there is ever anything that isn't crystal clear, send a note with a description and you will receive an answer normally within 24 hours.

BTW, if you have a builder locally they can supply this structure installed.
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